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As a cooperator, you know the value of co-ops, but not everybody does. A recent study found that 74% of people do not know what a cooperative is, nor do they understand its value. But, when given the definition of that value, 78% of people said they would choose to do business with a co-op. This statistic reveals a terrific opportunity Cooperatives for a Better World (CBW) was created by CCA Global (one of the largest privately held cooperatives in the United States with 14 distinct businesses more than 3000 locations) in the spring of 2015 to help consumers, employees, and business owners better understand the cooperative business model.

To turn their vision into action, this year CBW has launched a new project called Co-op Communities. This project is being piloted in four parts of the country:  Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire and right here in Indiana. The project is dedicated to bringing together the tools, infrastructure, and resources for co-ops to collaborate more successfully with one another to strengthen cooperatives across sectors.

The first Co-op Community in Colorado is currently launching colorado.coop - a first of its kind consumer-friendly tool for co-op employees and members to find the co-ops offering the goods or services for which they are looking. As part of the launch there will be cross sector marketing such as a new homeowner mailer that will allow local co-ops from different industries to give offers directly to the consumers moving into their neighborhood, introducing co-ops and their role in the local community. Working locally to make an impact nationally, the time is ripe for cooperatives.

Through the Co-op Community project, cooperatives are empowered to come together and choose activities that will promote their businesses and engage the community in unique ways. Cooperatives are building a better world now, together, and right at home

Indiana Cooperative Development Center is currently facilitating a group of Indiana cooperative leaders from Financial Health Federal Credit Union, INECA, Co-Alliance, Lost River Market & Deli, Cooperative Grocer Network, Mayfield Green, NAMIC, Hoosier Energy, Indiana Electric Cooperatives and Parr Law to lay the ground work to be the second pilot Co-op Community with a public launch in fall 2018.  Please contact Deb Trocha at info@icdc.coop of 317.692.7707 if you’re interested in participating in this project. 

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